Joint Task Force on Children’s Justice and
Child Sexual Abuse, Members

President: Lynne Farrar
Vice President: Pat Wade

Sandra Allen, Early Success Coaliton

Marlene Boshears, Guardian At-litem

Delaine Bottoms, Carl Perkins Exchange Club

Judge J. Robert Carter, Criminal Court

Dana Cobb, TN Commission on Children and Youth

Kristen Davis, Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee

Matthew Dixon, Metro Nashville Police Department

Dr. Jon Ebert, Vanderbilt University Child Psychologist

Stephanie Etheridge, Administrative Office of the Courts

Lynn Farrar, Tennessee CASA

Rebecca Franklin, Guardian Ad-litem

Annette Gentry, Parent

Craig Hargrow, TN Commission on Children and Youth

Dawn Harper, Nashville Children’s Alliance

Marjahna Hart-Curry, Department of Children’s Services

Anthony Johnson, Parent Leadership

Lanis Karnes, Guardian Ad-litem

Marie Keoph, Department of Children’s Services

Catherine Knowles, Metro Nashville Public Schools

Amy Koslick, Department of Children’s Services

Dr. Deborah Lowen, Department of Children’s Services

Sammi Maifair, Department of Children’s Services

Judge Michael Meise, Juvenile Court

Thomas Miner, Assistant District Attorney 31st Judicial District

Stacy Miller, Assistant District Attorney 20th Judicial District

Dr. William Murphy, University of Tennessee Medical Center

Dr. Jacque Page, University of Tennessee Medical Center

Lori Paisley, Department of Education

Dr. Lisa Pellegrin, Department of Children’s Services

Dr. Marymer Perales, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Kamrie Reed, Catholic Charities

Sgt. David Slessinger, Metro Nashville Police Department

Dr. Larry Seeman, Volunteer Behavioral Health

Kathryn Sinback, Davidson County Juvenile Court

Rae Anne Smith, Attorney Legal Aid of Middle Tennessee

Carla Snodgrass, Department of Health

Ellen Boyd, Department of Human Services

Stephen Woerner, TN Chapter of Children’s Advocacy Centers

Virginia Stallworth, Memphis Child Advocacy Center

Jackie Talley, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Pat Wade, Department of Human Services

Jason Wilkerson, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Verna Wyatt, Tennessee Voices for Victims

Staff Persons:
Toni Lawal, University of Tennessee Social Work Office of Research and Public Service